Mornings are lazy in Fiji. The slim thread of light in between the insulated curtains finally wakes me, just in time for breakfast at about 10 a.m. I slip into a bathing suit, tie a sarong on and I’m ready for the day.

The smiling maids, Rozy and Reshmi, greet me as I come down from the master suite—dubbed the Penthouse by past guests. Before me is a feast. Omelettes, fresh fruit, an Indian delicacy or two and a pile of toast, served up with coffee and fresh juice.

Quite different from my mornings back home.

After I’ve eaten all I can—and from past experience, I know it will last me until dinner—I slip outside to the view, while the maids tidy up.

It’s why I fell in love with this particular spot in Fiji. Sure, there are plenty of luxury resorts near the airport, but the water is brown. In front of me is the South Pacific in all her glory, crystal clear spanning out to blue topaz, and finally cobalt blue at the drop off of the reef. Beyond? Three out-islands, green beauties that undulate with Fiji’s mountainous terrain.

It’s decision time. Do I move to the hanging bed, upping my vitamin D in the sun, or sit on the ledge in the pool and read?  This morning, I choose to start my day on the shady part of the pool deck, knowing by afternoon it will be in the sun.

My gardener arrives, and he climbs the tree to get me a fresh coconut. A few whacks of the machete, and I have a morning beverage. He pops a straw in it. Taking it into the pool with me, it floats while I do some lazy laps, swimming underwater the length of the pool, then I emerge and drink some coconut water.

I look up at the three -bedroom, two-storey house. People pay a lot of money to stay here, and get a lot for their dollar. Not only the maid service and private pool, but also the hanging bed—the view alone is worth a million dollars.

It’s the relaxation concept that people come from. Songs wafting out of the indoor/outdoor sound system. A view that is sigh worthy—with each sigh my shoulders release tension. The fact that you can do nothing at all, and feel that your weary soul and spirit are healing from the stresses of modern life.

It’s paradise.

And, not only do I get to enjoy it for free, but I actually get paid to own it.

I make a profit every year. Not a paper profit, although that’s an admirable goal, but I put money in my pocket after the expenses have been paid.

Crazy, right?

When you invest in a second home, and rent it out to other holiday makers, you’re not only covering your expenses and potentially putting money in the bank, you’re increasing the value of the property. You’re renting to tourists on residential properties. And, tourists are willing to pay top dollar for the right experience.

Maybe you’ve thought about buying a home somewhere exotic. Someplace where the cares of the world are nowhere to be found. Maybe you’re interested in a city condo. As long as there are travellers going to that destination, there will likely be a demand for vacation rentals.

Once people stay in a vacation rental, they are very reluctant to downgrade to a hotel room. And, studies show that vacation rental travellers are more likely to travel internationally and spend more money.

It’s a growing market.

Now is the time to get in.