A lot of people hear the word “marketing” and immediately feel the grip of overwhelm. People get degrees in it- so it must be complicated, right? There are whole agencies and departments with the title “marketing.” It would make sense to be intimidated by it. But, when it comes to marketing your second home – is it really that complicated?

Yes and no.

Yes – for the people who are behind the scenes of listing sites like Stayz and HomeAway and FlipKey. They are the ones doing the complex work to bring customers to your listing. These are people who are the cream of the crop in their career, have degrees in marketing and certificates in SEO. They know what they are doing.

But for you, the owner, the answer is a resounding “No.”  Marketing your second home has never been easier.

And, the potential income is not something to dismiss.

In fact, it’s predicted that in 2019, the global vacation rental industry will reach $235 billion a year.

I liken marketing a holiday home to a drive on the Blue Mountains. Sometimes, you’re very focused, accelerator pushed, shifting gears. This would be when you first list your home or during slow periods.

During this period your purchasing furniture, getting professional photos made, writing an evocative listing. If you hit a lull in bookings, you’ll check your photos – does the décor look outdated? Are there festivals and events you could focus on to draw people into your listing?

The rest of the time, you’re relaxed, coasting, enjoying the scenery. Answering an email here and there, maybe a phone call or two, but essentially, your listing is doing the hard work for you.

If you’re anything like me, the word “sales” brings up feelings up dread. It reminds me of going door to door as a child selling things for school fundraisers. I hate sales and I’m not good at it.

But, with the marketing that companies like Stayz and HomeAway do, people are coming to you – excited. You’re not cold calling people, not walking in a room full of disinterested people where you’re expected to dazzle people with your home and press business cards in hands of people that will not read them. No flyers to pass out.

The scenario looks like this, instead. This could be your reality.

Somewhere, maybe in your town, maybe on the other side of the country, maybe on the other side of the planet, couples and families are looking at your listing – and they are saying, “Ooh – look at that place! I wonder if it’s available.”

You’re enjoying your life, completely unaware that people are oohing and ahhing over your home, imagining themselves there.

Maybe you’re relaxing with a good book. Maybe you’re gardening. Maybe you’re at a coffee shop.

Then, you hear a ping. You have an email.

Someone wants to send you money. In fact, they are excited to, because they want the experience that you’ve created for them. The photos you’ve uploaded, and the description you wrote. All one time endeavors. They just have a few questions, which you answer easily, and ping, you have money.


You didn’t have to build a site that millions visit a year- you just have to create a listing for your home on that site.

You don’t have to worry about SEO, SEM, or any of the latest Google updates.

You just have to put up pretty pictures and a nice description of your property and listing sites will bring travelers to you.

It’s a sweet deal.