When I wake up in my vacation rental home in Fiji, and pull back the curtains to see blue waters…picturesque islands…my private pool…the hanging bed…I know I made a great decision buying this place.

I get to spend two weeks a year fully relaxing here…snorkeling every day, just a short walk down my private stairs. It’s like swimming in an aquarium. The coral is so pristine and healthy.

Days are lazy…this is Fiji, after all, and I often switch between poolside sunbathing and resting in the shade of the hanging bed.

I have a lot of books in the master bedroom, and always have one in my hand. I’m a veracious reader—when I’m living my normal life.

However, not matter where I am, as long as the sun is out and I can see the view, the book stays on the same page. I sit on the ledge of the pool, designed for reading, or a lounge chair, I simply gaze out at the view and sigh. With each sigh, the stress of everyday life exits my body and is replaced with peace. Starfish Blue truly is my happy place.

I eat tropical fruit picked that day, some of it from my own land.

The banana trees at the bottom of the property produce the sweetest I’ve ever tasted, there’s almost a hint of pineapple flavor. Near the top of my land are mango and papaya trees.

My gardener said next time I come, he’s going to have a surprise for me. Knowing my love for Fiji’s enormous lemons and the lemonade that tastes scented with flowers, I think I’ll find that he’s planted a lemon tree.

During the rest of the year, when I open my bank statements and look at the balance I am reminded again what a great decision it was to buy a vacation rental. These are times when someone else is staying in the house and paying me.

I made $58,000 in just 12 months from my vacation rental (I’ve received $3,250 in one week alone)…and that was for very little effort on my part.

I’ve learned all the tricks to maximizing this income. I know how you can boost your occupancy and what you can charge per night.

You may already have a second home overseas…or, you may be considering buying one. Well, I can tell you it has never been easier to manage a vacation rental and make money from it.

One year, a friend and I were lounging poolside. I floated the question, “What would make this better?”

She looked out over the sea, to the three islands less than a mile away, and the edge of the property with the perfect vantage point- about 30 yards up from the waterline, and said, “A hanging bed.”


A month and $2,000 later, I had a huge asset.

I was able to raise my rates by $200 per week, which so far translates, over the life of the hanging bed, to an additional $48,000.

I found just the right formula for success. And am now at 85% occupancy.

Honestly, I’d like to spend more time in Fiji. I could easily mark off January, February, and March on the calendar and have the place to myself. But I’m a practical person. I would lose $12,000. I’d much rather have that money in my bank account, after paying my expenses in Fiji, and find less expensive places to visit.

For those two weeks that I am there, I am queen of the castle. Happy with my decision to buy a lot and build…and utterly delighted that more than 500 families and honeymooners and counting, have come to stay here.

And, all happily paying for my place in paradise.