Buying Your First Vacation Rental – Get it right the first time

Buying Your First Vacation Rental –
Keys to Getting it Right the First Time

Looking for a safe place to invest your money with high returns? You know vacation rentals can bring in really high yields, but you’re a bit on the fence?

I’m taking a guess here, but I bet…

  • You’ve spent a lot of mental energy figuring out your next move. Maybe even your first move.
  • Your mind is going a mile a minute. It’s keeping you up at night.
  • There’s excitement, a tiny bit of dread, a healthy dose of fear, and a total lack of direction.
  • Everything is a possibility. Everything is slightly scary.
  • Your mind is working overtime. Mental fatigue is a real thing.

Can you relate to any of this?

Beth Carson - Dream Bigger - Experience FreedomIf so, my professional opinion is– you’re absolutely normal.

Hi, I’m Beth Carson and I’ve been a real estate investor for more than 15 years and have worked with dozens of vacation rental investors. Smart people just like you.

And, I don’t want normal results for you.

I want you to have wildly successful results. A huge grin on your face. And multiple paydays. And, the dream retirement you’ve always wanted.

It can start today when you invest with vacation rentals.

Beware of trying this on your own, as there are pitfalls lurking that could seriously trip you up. But, armed with the proper knowledge, you can enjoy higher than normal returns.

Before we get into this too far, I need to come clean.

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I got into this completely by accident. And it’s been the best thing that I have ever done financially.

And, here’s another big admission… I didn’t go into it expecting to make money.

Silly, right? I had been an investor already and seen some pretty hefty checks from flipping houses. But, somehow, there was a disconnect with this property. Because, like so many others, it was a matter of the heart.

I fell in love.

With what almost was, and very well could have been, a money pit.

I can remember the exact moment I saw the property- the raw land I would develop and build a home on. It was almost like an out of body experience- I HAD to have a home there. And, in the next two years, (add 3 more years for building) I would move heaven and earth to make that place a haven.

While I was building, something unexpected happened. Actually, two unexpected things.

The resort, who was going to manage my property overseas, was sold, and the new owners did not want to market and manage my home. YIKES!

Then, I fell in love and got married. Our dreams didn’t line up, and he didn’t want a property in Fiji. (Crazy, right?) Suddenly, I had a property a world away, and I needed to sell it fast.

I was trapped. How in the world was I going to be able to manage a home on the other side of the planet? That was never in the cards- never even a thought. Impossible.

I did what you would do. I panicked, my mind going overtime.

Then, I got to work. I put it on the market and started studying the classified sections of dive magazines in Australia and New Zealand for potential visitors before the house sold, so it could bring in some much-needed rental income.

I studied the market like I studied my way through my degree in psychology. Four hundred page book on Behavior Modification? I devoured the book before the semester even started, scoring a 98 in the class. I took that same bulldog tenacity and spent hours doing marketing experiments, creating a website from scratch, with an online booking form (in 2005). I’ve always been ahead of the curve in marketing.

I started seeing results. I fought and clawed my way to what is the most profitable property in my portfolio of 15 homes. Now, I’m sitting on Easy Street, watching the checks roll in.

It’s quite possibly the Olympic gold medalist of investing. This new way to flip and hold offers savvy and new investors alike an entrance into an industry that accounts for 10% of the world’s GDP. Impressive?


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In all my years as a real estate investor,  I’ve never seen anything like it for return on investment and sheer enjoyment. There are currently only about 6 million on these unique properties worldwide.

But, there are a lot of potential pitfalls.

Many owners aren’t educated investors. They fell into it by mistake, buying with their heart and not their mental ROI calculator. And they are unwilling to make the shift “This is MY home,” to “This will bring in more income.”

  • They don’t understand the art of negotiation.
  • They see a lipstick deal (cosmetic only) and run for the hills.
  • They don’t know how to determine their monthly costs and determine if they will break even or make a profit.
  • They don’t know about marketing and resist learning the simple basics.
  • They consider the customer the enemy, treating each person who wants to pay them with disdain and mistrust.
  • They don’t understand the basics of customer service.
  • They ignore emails and the occasional phone calls.

I could go on, but I think you have the gist. And, I think, as you’re still reading, that you’re more like me. That you can wrap your mind around what needs to be done, and turn yourself into a real estate entrepreneur. You can take a home and make it a business.

I’m ready!

The question is, do you think you could do better than the average owner?

OR, hire someone who could do it better?

Let me introduce you to…Vacation Rentals

The benefits are varied and plentiful. Let’s take a look…

Multiple Pay Days

How would you like multiple paydays each month for one property? There’s nothing like getting an email that says, “You’ve got Money.” It’s the siren song of the entrepreneur. The reason we exist.

Now, with long-term properties, you’re going to get paid once a month. And hope like crazy there isn’t a notice to vacate letter in with the check. Or even worse, no check.

I have 14 long-term properties- so I’m not saying there’s not money to be made with them. They make a profit- about $1400 each month total, cash in hand, before tax write-offs. Then, nearly $16,000 a year in paying down the mortgages. On a scale of happiness with my investment, I’m a solid 5 with my long term properties. They perform well, they make money, but the money invested could be doing so much more!

And…I have to deal with tenants.

Tenants are not guests. They are not travelers, excited about their one or two weeks of vacation. In real estate, we call the funds that tenants pay us, OPM. Other People’s Money.

And, with long-term rentals, I think the term has a fairly accurate tone.

But, with vacation rentals, we are dealing with guests. HAPPY guests. Not tenants who live at a place and work and come home tired. Our guests may come home tired, but that’s because they have been doing fun things. SCUBA diving. Visiting Disneyland. Exploring a new city. Getting a tan. HAPPY things.

So, when a guest pays us via credit card, sometimes a full year before their vacation, I like to call those payments, “Happy Traveler Funds.”


Sign Me Up!

Bigger Payoffs

Since we’re dealing with guests, we’re going to be focusing on experiences when we “flip” our properties. Then, it allows for a huge markup, often 4X or higher, of what we could get if we rent out the same home to a long term tenant.

Do you like those numbers? Let’s say you have a nice home that would do well as a vacation rental. (Fair warning- not all homes make great vacation rentals. More on that later.) You rent it for $2000/month on a yearly basis. That’s $24000 a year.

By the general rule of thumb, you should be able to rent it out for $2000/week in high season. That’s $24,000 in just 12 weeks.

Let that sink in.

Now, you’ll need to furnish it. But, that can be done inexpensively. So, with adding a few weeks for furniture and utilities, you’re making a profit renting just 15 weeks a year.

By adding vacation features, you can do much better than 15 weeks a year.

But, you also get to enjoy these benefits as well. Anytime you want to go on vacation, simply mark off the calendar, and viola, just add your friends or family, you’ve got a vacation.

Landlords- Take Note

Have you ever woken up in the morning, checked your email, and gotten a few thousand dollars from someone you didn’t know? Legally?

I have.

If you’re already a landlord, like me, you know that vacancies are a huge pain. The cleaning, the painting, replacing carpet, and showing the place, (don’t get me started on people who don’t show up!) doing background checks… it’s a hassle.

Not so with vacation rentals. You have vacancies all the time. You know exactly when they are going to happen and your cleaning service gets it ready for the next guests.

If you had a vacancy in a long term property, you couldn’t stay there unless you bring an air mattress.  With your own vacation rental, you get to stay in your own home that’s fixed up exactly the way you want it.

Sweet deal.

Easy marketing, 24/7…

… and you never have to arrange showings?

It sounds too good to be true. But industry leaders, like HomeAway, VRBO and FlipKey have revolutionized the market. Up until the 1990’s, vacation rentals were only popular in certain areas, like The Outer Banks of North Carolina. Each year, I’d get the “Sears Catalogue” of potential rentals. There would be a tiny photo and a few lines of very abbreviated text. Property management companies could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars having these printed and mailed, and still have to have a huge staff to man the phones because there simply wasn’t enough information on each listing for eager vacationers to make an informed decision.

Enter VRBO

The first listing site for vacation rentals, this family run business was the first to offer vacation rental owners anywhere in the world a place to list their second (or third or fourth) home for a flat fee. And visitors across the globe could read a whole page of information, scroll down even, click through multiple photos- it was glorious! You really could make an informed decision without bothering the property management company.

And, you didn’t have to have a property management company at all. VRBO allowed owners to list it themselves.

They were bought out by industry powerhouse HomeAway, who was just bought out by Expedia. You may not have heard of HomeAway, but I know you’ve heard of Expedia.

Are you sensing that this is a big market?

It is.

Twenty-three billion dollars a year and counting.

And that’s just in the US.

I’m Ready Now!

HUGE ROI-How I made $72,000 (and counting) with one $3000 upgrade

One of the ways to make money in this business is to buy low. There’s nothing new about that. But, you’re not going to be selling (although you could). You likely want the income that’s going to come along with improvements.

The improvements that get you the most bang for your buck are the experiences that you add.

I spent $3000 on a covered, hanging bed and have an ROI of $72,000 and counting. I can teach you how to do the same thing, with different amenities, even if you have a condo. In fact, I can teach you how to add amenities that don’t cost you anything, AND you’ll get more bookings at a higher nightly rate.

Ready to Learn More?

Knowledge is Power- Which translates into cold, hard, cash.

I’d like to introduce you to my online program, Buying Your First Vacation Rental. I walk you through the process, step by step, so you don’t make mistakes that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Or, leave you with a property that’s not a good fit for the vacation market.

I teach you the 6 features that every home needs to be a great VR. If I had known the power of vacation rentals earlier in my investment career, I wouldn’t have bothered with my long term properties. I’m proud to say that I made good purchases, and I was able to hold on through the economic meltdown of 2008 and beyond. When they go back up to their full selling price potential, I plan on selling and buying more vacation rentals. Sadly, none of my long term properties meet all 6 criteria for being a great vacation rental, and I know better than to try to fit a square peg into a round hole. I could end up losing money over my yearly rental income. That’s how important buying right is. So, they are plugging along, putting money in my pocket, but I know the money invested elsewhere could be so much more profitable. I’ll help you avoid that pitfall.

Potential cost savings- $100,000 – $500,000

I cover things that are counter-intuitive. Why, in some areas, smaller is better, and where you need the extra square footage. This allows you to buy a property that is overlooked by many buyers, with a price that reflects its lack of status. I call these “Cougar Properties.”

Potential cost savings- $50,000-$300,000

I’ll introduce you to my Little Black Book of Brokers and Insurance Providers. Ten years ago, no one was lending to investors for vacation rentals. You had to pay cash. Often, people borrowed the money from their retirement accounts, paying steep penalties, or used the equity in their homes. Today, there are companies competing for your business, so you can walk away with the best interest rate, keeping expenses low, allowing you to put more cash in your pocket.

Potential cost savings- $50,000 to $250,000 (over the length of the loan)

I’ll share a resource that purchases furniture from 4 and 5-star hotels when they are remodeling. You can find furnishing for pennies on the dollar. I offer 4 more overlooked venues for furnishing your VR with high style on an investor’s budget.

Potential Cost Savings- $1,000-$50,000 per vacation rental

And, it won’t just be me you’re hearing from. Included in the program are interviews with Realtors (who own vacation rentals), an accountant (who owns vacation rentals), and a builder and his wife who could have lost everything– their business, their home, and how vacation rentals saved them from financial disaster. Now, they have one of the premier boutique rental companies in Asheville, NC.

I’ve packed everything you need to know on Buying Your First Vacation Rental into this program- I’m not holding anything back. There’s no reason to. The surge in demand for vacation rentals is growing so rapidly, there’s room for plenty more. I’ll teach you how I went from making $22,000 a year in year one, to $50,000 a year in Year 3. And it won’t take you 3 years of painful trial and error that it took me, leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table. Now, I make even more. With the same property.

Potential Earnings – $11-000 (for lower end properties) to $28,000/year

Conservatively, the low end of savings and earning potential of this program are $229,000- and that’s just including earning power from year one.

On the high end, this program could change your fortune by $800,000, plus nearly $30,000 a year in income.

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Can you afford to waste time and money?  

Buy Now

I know a lot of investment programs charge thousands of dollars. I’ve bought some of them.

Maybe you’re like me and found that you didn’t follow through with the programs you purchased. You were chasing shiny objects, but your heart wasn’t in it. You felt like you needed the information to be a good investor. I know. I’ve been there, too.

That’s okay. That all changes now. Because vacation rentals are not only lucrative, they are fun. You’ll find yourself looking at real estate in a whole new way. This program changes everything. It’s the program and change you’ll smile about. For years.

I’m going to give you the road-map to  the pot-of-gold along with how to avoid the many potential pitfalls along the way. I believe in this industry so much, I started a magazine about it- Vacation Rental Travels.

I’m an international speaker on how and why vacation rentals are the best real estate investment—and they’re fun, too. You’re going to love your vacation next year (or maybe in a few months?) in YOUR home by the beach, or in a small town, or by a lake. And, other people are going to pay you handsomely for it, too.

It’s the fastest way to the good life. You can have it now.

Take a minute and smile at that future memory. Who will you bring with you? What sorts of things will you do?

In addition, you’ll get a free ad (just fill out the form) for an upcoming Marketplace ad in my magazine, Vacation Rental Travels. ($100 value.)

You also get a free subscription to Vacation Rental Travels.

In addition, to the 3 module program, Buying Your First Vacation Rental, you get free admission for 6 months into the private FB group- just for owners of Buying Your First Vacation Rental. It’s a great way to network with other owners and potential owners. I try to pop in daily, but often someone who’s just a little bit further along on the journey can answer your question.

Purchase this investment in your future now, to get on our first online training call. We do one each month. What if you can’t make it? The recording will become part of your program, located in your member’s area.

If you’re not convinced that the information you’ll find inside this online program is going to help you save piles of money, earn you stashes of cash, and shave years off your learning curve, try it today and see for yourself, there’s no risk. We have a 100% guarantee, all you have to do is send a polite request within 90 days and tell us how the program didn’t work for you. You’ll get a full refund. That’s my promise to you.


So Here’s Exactly What You’re Going To Get With 
“Buying In Your First Vacation Rental” 

This Valuable Home Study Course & Video Program Includes:

  • 3 module self-study video program
  • 6 checklists and cheat sheets to guide you
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Monthly Q & A calls for a year
  • 6-month membership to my private Facebook group
  • Vacation Rental ROI calculator

Total Value: $1,747


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“Buying In Your First Vacation Rental”

  • 3 module self-study video program
  • 6 checklists and cheat sheets to guide you
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Monthly Q & A calls for a year
  • 6-month membership to my private Facebook group
  • Vacation Rental ROI calculator

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Disclaimer: Real Estate investing does carry associated risks. Neither this program nor Beth Carson can guarantee your investment results. No program can. Please see our disclosures for details.